Patrick Dorrington

Patrick says he’s unrelated to wikipedia but somehow he knows incredibly many facts.

He is really into open standards like HTML or CSS which can be used by everyone and are the same wherever they are used. He likes it that those standards are developed by many people who share the goal of creating a good product.

In his free time he likes to take photos with his Nikon. If possible he uses his 50mm prime lens because it’s got a quite natural angle.

Patrick is really excited about web development. He writes code with a competent hand and knows how to develop a sustainably useful product.

In his other life he studies economics and works for a junior enterprise.



Jan Wiebe

When Jan started to discover 3D graphics he didn’t even have an internet connection to find tutorials. By now he finished a couple of projects where animation is the part he is most excited about.

In his free time he plays classic guitar and gives guitar lessons. He likes to play songs which lie comfortably in his hand and are nice to listen to like songs by Fernando Sor.

At some point he wants to walk from Darmstadt to Berlin, thats about 500 kilometres. Today walking is an incredibly slow way of traveling, you would see a completely different world which Jan wants to discover.

Lo-fi computer games like Xmoto are like snacks that you have in between. Jan likes to play those when he needs a couple of minutes to relax and wants to stop thinking for a moment.



Silas Sachs

As a little boy Silas liked to sit on the floor in front of a tiny TV screen and watch Dan Aycroyd and John Belushi on their mission from God. He still tries to be as cool as those guys. 

He is very much into everything about communications, studies online journalism and likes creating concepts and ways to realise them. For him communications is everything from newspapers to movies.

Silas spends a lot of time with his drum set because you can have lots of fun playing fast and intense metal beats and even learn something new every time.

What he enjoys about digital arts is that you can sense the genius of the artist in the piece you’re looking at.